When it comes to event planning, sometimes the “to do” list seems endless.  

Keeping on top of everything and managing changes, while trying to create a memorable and flawless event can be a challenge.

We understand that challenge. With extensive experience in the field of event production, we were able to use our thorough understanding of event planning needs when creating 


Organization – easy access to everything in one placE. is an excellent resource for staying organized in the time leading up to your event. 

The administrator homepage keeps you updated on how many days are left until your event, while providing you with a summary of recent events.  Whether viewing a past event, updating an ongoing event, or embarking on your new endeavor, will get you started instantly. makes it easy to manage your attendee list, organize your contacts into groups, and to add agenda items into your schedule. You can also upload images, PDFs, and a map of your venue, so that all of your relevant materials can be found in one, convenient location.

Through, administrators can email groups with updates, and can choose to enable social photo streams or a chat feature to promote lively interaction between attendees. A questions feature encourages group participation in panel sessions, and built-in analytics collect data for your use during and following the event. 


Personalization – decide what GOES in your app and how IT lookS.

Once you have entered your general event information, you can focus on styling!

Decide from one of several layout templates, choose whether you want a social feed or not, and upload your eye-catching event icon and background image.

Customize your app by uploading banner and button images, and for advanced personalization control, add custom CSS.


Let the intuitive Paperless.Events platform guide you through your event app creation– and then use it again and again for all of your future events!