How exactly will your attendees benefit from using a app?

By using an app made through, simplify your event, and ensure that your attendees get the most out of their experience. 


Modernize and streamline your evenT. 

Remember the days when welcoming attendees to an event meant hours of printing and stapling? When every arriving guest was given a piece of paper with their agenda, a map, a directory, and a welcome brochure? means that all of this crucial material is in one (difficult to lose!) place. Easily accessible, all your attendee needs to do is login to the unique event app to access their information. Eliminating the need for paper altogether is a simple way to modernize, and an effective way to streamline you event. 


IncreasE participation and engagement. 

Not only is an event app informative, but through, they can be fun and engaging too!

Enable a social feed as a space for group participation and communication leading up to the event, as well as a forum for leaving feedback during and following the event.

With a photo stream, guests can upload fun photos from the event and stay engaged with their team.

Through an optional questions feature, administrators can compose questions for various event sessions, allowing attendees to participate easily in panel discussions, and for effortless polling.