Trusted by leading brands to bring dynamic engagement to their events:


Beautiful Apps across platforms and devices. Our platform makes it easy to publish your event and even easier to update instantly. 



Constant Control of
your Content

  • An easy-to-use content editor means on-the-fly edits (and no final deadlines)
  • Edit photos, agendas or attendee information and see your updates in the app instantaneously
  • An intuitive admin portal allows for content management without multiple .csv imports

Unique User Engagement

  • Audience participation, Social media integration, and custom get attendees engaged with the content and each other
  • Personalized agendas with optional push notifications make scheduling stress-free

Tiered Service

Depending on your needs, we can offer multiple levels of support

  • Full service, with custom-built plug-ins and technical on-site support

  • Self service, an off- the-shelf product that puts you in the driver’s seat

Why Stop There? integrates with technical solutions for every part of your event--soup to nuts.

  • Custom-designed website for attendee registration
  • RFID badge printing capabilities
  • Digital check-in suite
  • Reactive digital signage, that updates in real-time
  • Lead retrieval (using RFID)

Tech Specs

Offline Capabilities, On-site servers

Dedicated Wifi Infrastructure

We can provide hardware- tablets, ipads, ipod touches with app preloaded

Powerful and customizable tools will empower your attendees both online and offline